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ROME POST IV - Select one MVP of the Roman Era.

Augustus (63 B.C.-14 An.), the founder and first ruler of the Roman Empire. Since Csar had no sons of his own, he made up his mind that some day his grandnephew would succeed him as ruler of Rome. After Csar’s assassination in March, 44, Augustus came to Rome. In spite of his youth he soon became one of the most powerful men of the Roman state.

It has been said that the life of the first Roman emperor was really the life of two men - Octavian and Augustus. In the years when, as Octavian, he was fighting for the rule of the Roman world, he did many mean and treacherous things to bring about his ends. He thought nothing of sacrificing his friends in order to win over powerful enemies. But after Octavian became the emperor Augustus, a ruler with no serious rivals, there was a great change for the better. In general he showed a kindness and a generosity that had been almost entirely lacking in former years.

ROME POST III - Venn Diagram

Monday, May 16, 2011

ROMAN Post 2

For the next section, one of the first links I believe we should use is this website contains many maps, family trees, games as well as a virtual library. Another link we should possibly use is this website has information on the Philosophy, Government, food, people, wars and even art of the Romans and also keeps the info simple and understanding. Lastly, we should probably take a look at, this website has a list of the many important people in the Roman empire. It tells us who they are, what they did, and how they came to be.

ROMAN Post 1

-Forum is a center of all government business
-Citizens have the right to vote in a republic
-Legionaries are citizens who make up a majority of the roman army
-Consuls are chief executives
-Dictators were elected

-Conflicts between Carthage and Rome are considered the Punic Wars
-Rome and Carthage fought 3 Punic Wars
-Carthage was the most powerful city North of the African coast
-During the 3rd Punic war, Rome nearly destroyed the city of Carthage
-Spartacus led a revolt as a slave

-Marc Anthony helped Octavian gain control of the west
-Triumvirate means rule of three
-Julius Caesar led troops across the Rubicon and declared war on the Republic
-Augustus was emperor of Rome
-Pax Romana was a period of peace for 200 years

-Pax Romana was the longest period of peace ever known
-Roman laws were called the Code of Twelve Tables
-A major impact that helped the Roman Empire was good transportation
-Galen wrote several volumes on medical
-The Aeneid was written by Virgil

-Romans sacked the Jewish Holy City of Carthage
-Pontius Ponte a roman governor tried to be an enemy of the state
-The Council of Nicaea proclaimed the existence of the Trinity
-The Roman emperor Constantine declared his support for Christianity in A.D. 312
-In the late Roman empire, Christian church councils collected and spread Chrisitan beliefs which helped establish Christianity as a major religion and stabilized the church.

-Inflation is the rise of price due to the decreased value of money
-Dio cletian thought the empire had grown too large for one emperor and appointed a co-emperor to rule the West.
-invaders from Germany were a constant threat as they fled from the Huns.
-The Vandals, a Germanic tribe, proved to be a serious threat and sacked Rome around A.D. 455.
-Economic historians argue that high inflation and taxes, as well as the decline in agriculture, explain why the Western Empire fell.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Reaction to Capzles

Using Capzles to create an earlier project for this course was much easier after experimenting with different things and figuring out what each button did exactly. After the first day Capzles became second hand and the only effort I really needed to do was get information and pictures, Capzles did the rest by organizing my information into different "stacks" or groups and made it easy to find and easy to understand. I have used this website for one other project as well. I found Capzles a good find and will continueto use it on futher presentations rather than using powerpoint.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Greek Blog #5

Top 5 Things the Greeks contributed to modern society

-History (Herodotus, father of history)

-Underground aqueducts

I chose the top 5 that I did seeing as we still use them today and they relate to us in many different ways. For example things such as philosophy are a part of schools and the way we learn, while democracy is something we live with in our government system. Although Herodotus is not part of our day to day lives, history is, and we create history everyday. The olympics are not neccasarily a contribution, however it is still an impact on us, and is something everyone takes time to watch or read about. Lastly I picked aqueducts because.. we need water..

Greek Blog #4

As the cover to a Greek Unit book, I would choose a picture of one of the Grand Monuments that would have been in Greece. Although the picture above is only left in ruins, this gives you an idea of how grand and complicated these structures were back in the day. In the picture is one of the most famous structures know as the Parthenon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



It seems that while Athens made a foundation to live by, creating their own government as well as creating laws, and making a society for families to live in, they were not overall strong as a group. Sparta was more of a military type civilization. They were very strong in their combatants and the government kept control of its people. Personally, having most of the males in my family take some sort of part in the military I would rather live in sparta and fight for the people. The boys education in this civilization was Reading, Writing, and Military Training which would work for me.
Plus I want to be this guy..


1. Many coastal settlements may have been destroyed by tidal waves.
2. The Minoan civilizations was the earliest greek civilization.
3. Minoan artists carved figures from gold, iron, and ivory.
4. Mycenaeans conquered the Minoan people.
5. Minoan system of writing was called Linear B.
6. Polis is a greek word for city-state.
7. Original fort in the polis was built on an acropolis.
8. Each city-state had a market, known as an agora.
9. Each seperate city-state formed its own government with seperate laws.
10. Homer wrote both the iliad as well as the oddesey.
11. Aristocracy is "Rule by the best".
12. Oracles were places where gods spoke through mortals.
13. Homer was a blind poet who wrote epic poems.
14. Olympic games were actually held to honor greek gods.
15. Hoplites were heavy infantry who carried spears.
16. Peisistratus actually a tyrant who aimed to improve economy.
17. Sparta was known for physical strength and control of its people.
18. Athens was know for its law and government.
19. Helots were people conquered by sparta and forced to work for them.
20. Ephors were people who made sure the king stayed within and followed the laws.
21. Reading, writing, and military training was a young boy's education.
22. Metics were born outside Athens but were free and paid taxes.
23. Athenian women were citizens but could not vote.
24. The main purpos of marriage was to have children.
25. The Greek word sophos means "wise."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

POST 11 - What I am looking into

In the next part of our research I plan on exploring further into the Egyptian Civilization by looking at what trades these people may have had during their time. I want to find out what these trades were, as well as what impact they might have had on their society. Once I find out what exactly these trades I would like to be able to find what tools were used in order to complete these. To go even further, I want to find out if some of these tools used have evolved or slightly changed into something we use in today's society.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

POST 10 - Write an entry describing why Cyrus/Darius or Zoroaster was the most influential Persian leader. Explain your choice clearly.

During the time of the Persian Empire, the most influential leader to my was Cyrus the Great. Besides the fact that he he had "The Great" along with his name, he did much to improve life at this time. He was the one who founded the Persian Empire itself. After he took over this empire Cyrus set out to conquere other lands, such as the wealthy kingdom of Lydia. He also took over cities such as Ionia, and Babylon. Cyrus was the most influential leader at this time not only because he was able to take over other lands to obtain people, he let his people keep their customs, which was something other leaders did not do at this time. Cyrus also freed Jews form slavery and allowed them to return to Jerusalem.

POST 9 - Please use or power point to answer Q4 on Page 49. Feel free to add pictures from the web to the document. Books are in the room!

Friday, February 11, 2011

POST 8 - Use pages 12-44. Design and award the Most Important _______________ (person, empire, invention, idea, etc) of the early Fertile Crescent Empires.

POST 7 - Write your own code in the style of Hammurabi for Northern HS. Must include at least 12 laws.

1 - He who cheats gets his papers shredded
2 - He who steals has his lunch stolen
3 - He who bullies shall be punched in the face multiple times
4 - Noone shall sit next to or in the near proximity of anyone with the name Lance
5 - Every day late for an assignment is 1 finger lost
6 - Anyone shorter than 5'5" (haff..) shall not be admitted into school
7 - If one dont buy your lunch with pennies your highschool career will be terminated
8 - If anyone asks you a question you deem as stupid, you are within your legal right to drop-kick them in the chest
9 - If you are caught running in the halls, your legs will be bound together
10 - If one talk about someone behind their back, your back will be five starred
11 - If one drop anything onto the floor, and do not pick it up, you will lick the floor for 30 minutes
12 - If one disrespect another student, you will walk around school for the next week in a banana costume
13 - If one punch another student your wrists will be bound together
14 - If one is obnoxiously showing public displays of affection, their lips will be sown shut
15 - If one forgets to push in their chair, they will be hit with said chair


Thursday, February 10, 2011

POST 6 - Please find and link to a full text of Hammurabi's code. In your post name 5 of his laws that you think we should enact today and explain why.

Hammurabi's Code (All 282 of them..)

162 - If a man marry a woman, and she bear sons to him; if then this woman die, then shall her father have no claim on her dowry; this belongs to her sons.
If something like this was enacted in today's society we wouldn't have to worry about spouses killing one another for their own personal gain.

14 - If any one steal the minor son of another, he shall be put to death.
Prevents Child kidnapping

56 - If a man let in the water, and the water overflow the plantation of his neighbor, he shall pay ten gur of corn for every ten gan of land.
This law would help pay for intentional property damage.

128 - If a man take a woman to wife, but have no intercourse with her, this woman is no wife to him
I just think this would be a funny law.. So I picked it..

196 -   If a man put out the eye of another man, his eye shall be put out. [ An eye for an eye ]
Eye for an eye is the bet way to go about things, none of this "it leaves the world blind" shenanigans

POST 5 - Write back to the travel agent as a Sumerian explaining why the Fertile Crescent was the ideal place to set up city-states

Dear Travel Agent,

We appreciate your offer, and would love to come visit this new land you talk about, but after talking it over with some of my people, we have decided that it is better for us to stay where we are. We have begun our very own civilization and we have even developed money, and trade routes. The rivers in our location flood annually allowing us to keep the land fertile and grow many crops. We are sorry to say that we will not be visiting and staying in our location. What we have is great and we don't want to sacrifice it.

POST 4- Pretend you are a travel agent and write a letter(one paragraph) to the Sumerians identifying another river valley the could have settled in instead of Mesopotamia. The best posts will include a map or picture of the suggested region.

Dear Sumerians,

I come to you with a new location proposal! Yes the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are a great and convinent location, but I have stumbled upon something that would better suit your needs. Not only is this land fertile for you to grow your crops and trade with neighboring nations, there is a wide span of wildlife that would allow for you to hunt as well. This land is called the Indus and Ganges River Valley. Not only is the land very vast, it is conveniently located just south east of your location! Come out and visit! The many Civilizations already formed are waiting for you.

POST 3 - Please create/find a useful timeline of the Fertile Crescent from 4000bc - 500bc - please focus on inventions and leadership changes. This maybe done on time toast and linked to this post.


POST 2 - Please follow the link to this site. Please take quiz 3,4, and 5. As you take them please make a list of 15 important facts

1. The Sumerians may have invented the Arch
2. Ziggaurauts looked like wedding cakes..
3. Sumerians base calendar off the moon
4. Upper-class Sumerian boys who showed intelligence and skill in school were trained to be scribes
5. Sumerian farmers focuses mainly on trading crops
6. Sumerians believed many gods existed, they believed in polytheism
7. Assyrians had first soldiers on horseback
8. Sargon was the most powerful Akkadian King
9. Zoroaster was a persian prophet and teacher who developed an influenctial religious philosophy
10. Hittites were some of the first people to smelt iron
11. Cyrus the Great was the Persian king or capture Babylonian
12. Lydian traders developed their own money economy
13. They were also the first people to use coin money
14. Shellfish called merix made purple die
15.The present-day regions of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria were once called Phoenicia

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post 1 - Introduction

I'm Nick, I'm interested in sleeping, going to school, working, playing sports and video games. When I'm not in school I'm either at my job or hopefully playing hockey or lacrosse. What makes me unique is that I always try to turn things into a joke so people can have a good time. This gets me in trouble (most of the time), but it is what it is. If your wondering why I am typing this, it is because it is part of a class I am currently taking my senior year of high school called Western Civilization. I took this class because the guidance office wouldn't give me a second study hall, and I didn't want to take creative writing to be completely honest. The thing that interests me most about these Western Civilizations is wondering where they went, how strong they might have been, and what could have wiped them out. Id like to learn about these concepts while at the same time becoming more experienced with a computer, as well getting a good grade.