Thursday, February 10, 2011

POST 2 - Please follow the link to this site. Please take quiz 3,4, and 5. As you take them please make a list of 15 important facts

1. The Sumerians may have invented the Arch
2. Ziggaurauts looked like wedding cakes..
3. Sumerians base calendar off the moon
4. Upper-class Sumerian boys who showed intelligence and skill in school were trained to be scribes
5. Sumerian farmers focuses mainly on trading crops
6. Sumerians believed many gods existed, they believed in polytheism
7. Assyrians had first soldiers on horseback
8. Sargon was the most powerful Akkadian King
9. Zoroaster was a persian prophet and teacher who developed an influenctial religious philosophy
10. Hittites were some of the first people to smelt iron
11. Cyrus the Great was the Persian king or capture Babylonian
12. Lydian traders developed their own money economy
13. They were also the first people to use coin money
14. Shellfish called merix made purple die
15.The present-day regions of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria were once called Phoenicia

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