Thursday, February 17, 2011

POST 10 - Write an entry describing why Cyrus/Darius or Zoroaster was the most influential Persian leader. Explain your choice clearly.

During the time of the Persian Empire, the most influential leader to my was Cyrus the Great. Besides the fact that he he had "The Great" along with his name, he did much to improve life at this time. He was the one who founded the Persian Empire itself. After he took over this empire Cyrus set out to conquere other lands, such as the wealthy kingdom of Lydia. He also took over cities such as Ionia, and Babylon. Cyrus was the most influential leader at this time not only because he was able to take over other lands to obtain people, he let his people keep their customs, which was something other leaders did not do at this time. Cyrus also freed Jews form slavery and allowed them to return to Jerusalem.

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