Wednesday, March 23, 2011


1. Many coastal settlements may have been destroyed by tidal waves.
2. The Minoan civilizations was the earliest greek civilization.
3. Minoan artists carved figures from gold, iron, and ivory.
4. Mycenaeans conquered the Minoan people.
5. Minoan system of writing was called Linear B.
6. Polis is a greek word for city-state.
7. Original fort in the polis was built on an acropolis.
8. Each city-state had a market, known as an agora.
9. Each seperate city-state formed its own government with seperate laws.
10. Homer wrote both the iliad as well as the oddesey.
11. Aristocracy is "Rule by the best".
12. Oracles were places where gods spoke through mortals.
13. Homer was a blind poet who wrote epic poems.
14. Olympic games were actually held to honor greek gods.
15. Hoplites were heavy infantry who carried spears.
16. Peisistratus actually a tyrant who aimed to improve economy.
17. Sparta was known for physical strength and control of its people.
18. Athens was know for its law and government.
19. Helots were people conquered by sparta and forced to work for them.
20. Ephors were people who made sure the king stayed within and followed the laws.
21. Reading, writing, and military training was a young boy's education.
22. Metics were born outside Athens but were free and paid taxes.
23. Athenian women were citizens but could not vote.
24. The main purpos of marriage was to have children.
25. The Greek word sophos means "wise."

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