Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ROME POST IV - Select one MVP of the Roman Era.

Augustus (63 B.C.-14 An.), the founder and first ruler of the Roman Empire. Since Csar had no sons of his own, he made up his mind that some day his grandnephew would succeed him as ruler of Rome. After Csar’s assassination in March, 44, Augustus came to Rome. In spite of his youth he soon became one of the most powerful men of the Roman state.

It has been said that the life of the first Roman emperor was really the life of two men - Octavian and Augustus. In the years when, as Octavian, he was fighting for the rule of the Roman world, he did many mean and treacherous things to bring about his ends. He thought nothing of sacrificing his friends in order to win over powerful enemies. But after Octavian became the emperor Augustus, a ruler with no serious rivals, there was a great change for the better. In general he showed a kindness and a generosity that had been almost entirely lacking in former years.

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