Thursday, February 3, 2011

Post 1 - Introduction

I'm Nick, I'm interested in sleeping, going to school, working, playing sports and video games. When I'm not in school I'm either at my job or hopefully playing hockey or lacrosse. What makes me unique is that I always try to turn things into a joke so people can have a good time. This gets me in trouble (most of the time), but it is what it is. If your wondering why I am typing this, it is because it is part of a class I am currently taking my senior year of high school called Western Civilization. I took this class because the guidance office wouldn't give me a second study hall, and I didn't want to take creative writing to be completely honest. The thing that interests me most about these Western Civilizations is wondering where they went, how strong they might have been, and what could have wiped them out. Id like to learn about these concepts while at the same time becoming more experienced with a computer, as well getting a good grade.

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