Friday, February 11, 2011

POST 7 - Write your own code in the style of Hammurabi for Northern HS. Must include at least 12 laws.

1 - He who cheats gets his papers shredded
2 - He who steals has his lunch stolen
3 - He who bullies shall be punched in the face multiple times
4 - Noone shall sit next to or in the near proximity of anyone with the name Lance
5 - Every day late for an assignment is 1 finger lost
6 - Anyone shorter than 5'5" (haff..) shall not be admitted into school
7 - If one dont buy your lunch with pennies your highschool career will be terminated
8 - If anyone asks you a question you deem as stupid, you are within your legal right to drop-kick them in the chest
9 - If you are caught running in the halls, your legs will be bound together
10 - If one talk about someone behind their back, your back will be five starred
11 - If one drop anything onto the floor, and do not pick it up, you will lick the floor for 30 minutes
12 - If one disrespect another student, you will walk around school for the next week in a banana costume
13 - If one punch another student your wrists will be bound together
14 - If one is obnoxiously showing public displays of affection, their lips will be sown shut
15 - If one forgets to push in their chair, they will be hit with said chair



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  2. What about 3, 5, 11, 12, and 15?
    Should we beware them as well?